Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Waving the flag is never the best defence

Defence companies unite to fight budget cuts

RT's Input
A quick search shows that the Defence Industries Council research reports* comprise some 60 pages; these comments are made pending forensic analysis from Times' correspondents and readers. However, from other recent reports it is clear that MOD's procurement process takes too long: by the time equipment and systems deliveries take place both the threat and technology has changed. The threat has become one of dealing with terrorism (predominantly home-grown) and guerilla warfare. At Dunsfold last Sunday we were given a dazzling display from the Eurofighter. This was designed to provide air superiority in the context of the cold war; its role in countering the current threats is negligible. Ditto for the new aircraft carriers, Trident maintenance and renewal. The West can clearly can deliver any required amount of shock and awe using missiles with conventional explosives. The question is not one of whether we need a defence industry, it is rather the nature of the products MOD is specifying and purchasing.


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