Thursday, 17 September 2009

Afghanistan Adventure 216/830

From The Times September 18, 2009
General David Petraeus: allied failure ‘would intoxicate terrorists’

The Generals say;-
“no quick fixes” = a 40 year commitment?
"Nato had yet to find the right formula for success" - what constitutes success?
Lessons of history.

This is Britain's 4th Afghan adventure.
The Russians failed despite huge amounts men and materiel.
Why will it be different this time?

Of course, we have yet to deploy the most valuable (costly) weapons in our armoury: Eurofighters, nuclear submarines, Trident missiles...
Think of the difference their use would make.

"Italy wants to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible, Silvio Berlusconi said yesterday after a suicide bomber killed six Italian soldiers in one of the worst attacks suffered by a Nato contingent in Kabul."

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  1. I put this warning in the same box as today's 'we're gonna lose' statement. Meant to put pressure on POTUS in re the surge that is in his IN tray