Thursday, 21 July 2011

Vehicular Electrification

20th July at Imperial College Energy Futures Lab

Michael Hurwitz, Director of the Office for Low Emission Vehicles

An entertaining presentation with some elements from
I particularly liked the slide with the photo instructing 'G Brown 2p off'.

However, there is little point in reducing road CO2 emissions if they are replaced by equivalent outputs from the electricity generators. As overnight battery charging will serve to even out power demand this is a further issue in disputing the green obsession with costly wind power.

Other input:
Electric car scheme fails to excite motorists
The £400 million drive to persuade motorists to buy electric cars is proving a costly failure, according to the latest Whitehall figures.
Only 215 cars were bought under the scheme, which offers subsidies of up to £5,000 each, over the last three months.
Of these it is understood that around three quarters were bought by businesses, meaning that just over 50 were acquired by private motorists.

'More questions than answers'

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