Thursday, 19 May 2011

Evidence-based Policy? Or not?

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It's all very well debating head versus heart but if government policies are seen as wrong-headed the heart considerations will hardly be relevant.

Adam Afriyie and David Willetts have espoused the principle of 'Science-led, evidence-based policy'.

We now have examples in Climate Change, Defence, Education, Electoral Reform, Energy, Health, Justice where rational debate has been overwhelmed by noise - just like the environment in the Commons chamber.

Specific recent examples:-

1) Chris Huhne's 'legally binding' carbon budget which will increase power bills, encourage industrial emigration, yet have a negligible effect on climate change - even if the climate models are accurate.

2) Liam Fox's announcement of £3Bn spend on the Trident renewal programme - this at a time when the Defence budget is being cut.

There has been minimal reporting on these matters.

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