Thursday, 1 October 2009

Another Quango: Infrastructure Planning Commission

From The Times October 1, 2009

Infrastructure change ‘will fast-track planning’

"More than 50 of Britain’s biggest energy projects, including wind farms, power stations, gas storage sites and high-voltage transmission lines, could be fast-tracked through the planning system under powers handed to the Government today.
In the biggest shake-up to Britain’s planning regime in 60 years, the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC), formally came into existence this month. Its goal will be to slash the time needed to secure planning consent for projects considered to be of national importance from as long as seven years to less than a year."

100 staff: say total employment costs £100K p.a. per head = £10m p.a. - spend in 2010.

50 projects by 2011 means approximately 50 in 2010.

Therefore £200K per project.

Well, I suppose it can provide jobs in Bristol for people liable to be laid off in local manufacturing industry (think SFO) where "value added" is easier to calculate.

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